DATE : Saturday 27th July, 6:00pm - 11:00pm

VENUE : The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

PROGRAM : Festival Timetable

The 2013 festival presented a selection of Brisbane’s leading emerging artists from across visual art, performance, experimental and contemporary music, dance, film and spoken word.

The 2013 artistic program comprised of :

  • A visual art exhibition showcasing a selection of artists from Brisbane’s contemporary emerging art scene.
  • A performance and presentation main stage showcasing contemporary performance.
  • Spoken word and sound performances in alternate spaces (lifts, toilets, stairwells).
  • An experimental sound and music space.
  • Experimental theatre and dance space.
  • Art installations.
  • A short film screening.


MakeShift is an independent, Brisbane-based collective of dancers and dance makers. MakeShift are committed to contributing to and fostering a vibrant and diverse independent dance community within Brisbane and plan to continue creating art that moves, grounds, arrests, reflects and questions.

Formed in 2011, MakeShift consists of five dance artists, all graduates of Queensland University of Technology and/or LINK Dance Company.
Recently MakeShift have appeared in the Brisbane Festival, Dance Week 2012, the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival, CrossStitch for MetroArts, Short Sweet + Dance Festival (Sydney and Canberra), Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts’ Fresh Ground Residency, and Ausdance Queensland’s Bell Tower and Brisbane Front residencies.

Makeshift Dance Collective presented a newly developed work as part of Brisbane Emerging Art Festival 2013.



Lita and The Bird blend a unique mix of folk and indie sounds and put down layer upon layer of melodies over well crafted rhythms and percussion. Their bittersweet stories grow and crash in a swell of sound, conjuring imagery with melodies.

The band formed as a duo with front woman Lita (Vocals and Guitar) and a bird (Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica and Vocals) in 2009 and has grown into multi instrument band in the past year bringing in some wonderful talents on drums, piano, glockenspiel, flute and bass.



  • Brisbane Emerging Art Festival Exhibition 2013
    Brisbane Emerging Art Festival Exhibition 2013
  • Christopher Handran, ‘Stereostereoscope’ (2012) & ‘Slideshow’ (2012-13),
    Christopher Handran, ‘Stereostereoscope’ (2012) & ‘Slideshow’ (2012-13),
  • Christopher Handran, ‘Stereostereoscope’ (2012)
    Christopher Handran, ‘Stereostereoscope’ (2012)
  • Christopher Handran, ‘Slideshow’ (2012-13),
    Christopher Handran, ‘Slideshow’ (2012-13),
  • Alrey Batol, 'Made in China' (2013)
    Alrey Batol, 'Made in China' (2013)
  • Alrey Batol, 'Made in China' (2013)
    Alrey Batol, 'Made in China' (2013)
  • Sancitya Simpson, 'Mother and I'  (2013)
    Sancitya Simpson, 'Mother and I' (2013)
  • Sancitya Simpson, 'Mother and I'  (2013)
    Sancitya Simpson, 'Mother and I' (2013)
  • Athena Thebus, ‘L.A Lullaby' (2012)
    Athena Thebus, ‘L.A Lullaby' (2012)
  • Athena Thebus, ‘L.A Lullaby' (2012)
    Athena Thebus, ‘L.A Lullaby' (2012)
  • Tyza Stewart, 'A Photo of Me Everyday' (2013)
    Tyza Stewart, 'A Photo of Me Everyday' (2013)
  • Tyza Stewart, 'A Photo of Me Everyday' (2013)
    Tyza Stewart, 'A Photo of Me Everyday' (2013)
  • Sarah Oxenham, ‘The Interstitial’ (2012)
    Sarah Oxenham, ‘The Interstitial’ (2012)
  • Sarah Oxenham, ‘The Interstitial’ (2012)
    Sarah Oxenham, ‘The Interstitial’ (2012)
  • Rachael Haynes, ‘Unthinkable’ (2013)
    Rachael Haynes, ‘Unthinkable’ (2013)
  • Rachael Haynes, ‘Unthinkable’ (2013)
    Rachael Haynes, ‘Unthinkable’ (2013)
  • Rachael Haynes, ‘Unthinkable’ (2013)
    Rachael Haynes, ‘Unthinkable’ (2013)
  • Thomas Payne, ‘Lauryth’ (2013)
    Thomas Payne, ‘Lauryth’ (2013)
  • Thomas Payne, ‘Lauryth’ (2013)
    Thomas Payne, ‘Lauryth’ (2013)

Brisbane Emerging Art Festival visual art exhibition artists:

Alrey Batol
Courtney Coombs
Christopher Handran
Rachael Haynes
Luke Jaaniste
Sarah Oxenham
Thomas Payne
Sancintya Simpson
Tyza Stewart
Athena Thebus

Curated by Rachael Parsons & Stephen Russell

Photography : Carl Warner, 2013

Please click to view BEAF 2013 Visual Art Essay

The annual Brisbane Emerging Art Festival visual art exhibition was held in the Shop Front Space of the Judith Wright Centre from 27th July - 2nd August.


Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA) is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performing arts training institution, attracting students from urban, regional and remote communities across the country. ACPA’s performers support the cultural traditions of storytelling through words, music and dance.



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The Brisbane Emerging Art Festival will host the innaugural BEAF FILM Screening. BEAF FILM seeks to define Brisbane’s local emerging film culture by showcasing a curated program of short films and documentaries from recent graduates of QUT and Griffith Film Schools alongside local film makers.

BEAF FILM was presented in the main performance space of Brisbane Emerging Art Festival and was curated by Matt Grehan


7 piece electronic girl band from Brisbane making free form jingles and sound scapes. If you like spacey, dreamy, noisey walls of sound bubbling from magical love heart realms…then you’ll love Shooga.Members are Katie Martin, Melanie J Simpson, Leif Gifford, Nadege P, Cheryl Sieker, Rin Healy and Emma Johnson.

Shooga will presented new work in the Music Rehearsal room at Brisbane Emerging Art Festival



Sarah Oxenham is an emerging artist from Brisbane, Australia. She has completed a Bachelor of Photography with Honours (1st Class) at Queensland College of Art. Her work uses time-based media such as photography and video to deconstruct everyday experiences of time and space. Her works engage with performance, self-representation and abstractions and she has a keen interest in developing non-digital solutions to disrupt a visual experience.

Image: Still Sitting (Video Still), from the series The Interstitial: A Slow Space (2012)

Sarah featured in the annual Brisbane Emerging Art Festival Visual Art Showcase.



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Wu Peng is a recent graduate of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing, China, completing a bachelor of Literature in Arts Media. He is a mixed media visual artist who works across of photography, video,installation and live action art.


Zheng Jing graduated with a Bachelor of Literature from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and last year completed her masters of fine art majoring in Oil Painting. Zheng Jing was born in Nanjing and currently resides and works in in Chongqing.

Wu Peng and Zheng Jing are supported by Brisbane Emerging Art Festival and The Sister-City Artist Residency Program 2013. The artists arrived in Brisbane on the 14th July 2013 and participated in a residency program for three weeks while showcasing artwork in Brisbane Emerging Art Festival.



I am drawn to the symbolic potential of materials, words and forms. I work with raw building materials, domestic found objects and various processes and materials from art history. By recontextualising and reorganising each element, I question and respond to my position of ambivalence. I resist grand gestures. I am more interested in presenting tentative forms that are filled with intensely personal, expansive and at times, contradictory ideas. I explore my position as an artist who is both a devotee and critic of the overtly maledominated ‘history’ of art, in association with notions of infatuation, love and relationships, both real and imagined.

Courtney Coombs, 2013

Image: On Show 2012. Theatre cans and extension cords.

Courtney showcased a new work in the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival’s Visual Art Exhibition.




Charlie is an exploration on the positioning of Absurdist themes and conventions in an immersive, visceral and post-modern environment. The dynamics of two parallel relationships unravel as a result of being repeatedly stretched to their breaking point through their discontentment with banality.

Can you stomach it?

Terra Nemo is an ensemble of emerging artists from The Queensland Academy of Creative Industries. Terra Nemo exists to create provocative, relevant art that is able to sustainably develop through the creation of a dialogue between artist and audience.

The Queensland Academy for Creative Industries offers a unique schooling experience for creative minded individuals from Year 10 to 12. Located in Kelvin Grove, the Academy offers students the opportunity to study in the fields of visual arts, theatre, music, film and design.

Directed by Lachlan McFarlane
Text Edited by Gwilym Temple

Set & Costume Design: Charlotte Mungomery
Sound Design: Diveakssh Schae
Lighting Design Eleni Pergaris
Dramaturgy: Simon Tate & Honor Webster-Mannison

Starring : Clementine Anderson, Iesha Eivers, Zed Hopkins, Yasmin Jansen, Indigo Keane, Conor Leach, Charlotte Mungomery, Cameron Rouse & Gwilym Temple

Charlie will be presented in the Theatre Rehearsal room in Brisbane Emerging Art Festival 2013


Taking its name from Bohemian painter František Kupka’s iconic 1909 painting The Piano Keys, the newly formed Brisbane-based contemporary music ensemble, Kupka’s Piano aims to entice audiences into hearing new sounds, new structures, new musical ideas. This ensemble fills a much-needed place in Brisbane’s music scene, profiling the best and latest from European, Australian and international modern art music.

Kupka’s Piano is a younthful collective, with all members in their 20s, and while they perform works by the big names of the 20th century, their focus is on what is being written by their contemporaries.

Kupka’s Piano is:

Peter Clark · conducting/composition
Hannah Reardon-Smith · flutes
Macarthur Clough · clarinets
Alethea Coombe · violin
Alex Raineri · piano
Angus Wilson · percussion
Liam Flenady · composition
Michael Mathieson-Sandars · composition


Spoken word artist, Angela Willock, and violinist, Megan Bartholomew, came together by the happy accident of sharing a bunker-style residence with limited rehearsing space.

Angela has been performing as a poet for around 18 months, and has featured at local festivals such as Island Vibe and Anywhere Theatre as well as being a state finalist for the National Poetry Slam in 2012. She was the People’s Choice Award winner at the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival Slam in 2013 and is currently touring Australia’s east coast as a part of the Roar Poets.

Megan studied music at the University of Queensland wants to learn to teleport when she grows up and has been exploring the spoken word music world with the assistance of her (ninja hoodie wearing) housemate.

Angela and Megan first performed together as part of the Raw Poet Raw showcase event at The Box in 2012, and look forward to bringing you a taste of their meld of spoken word narratives and classical violin as part of this year’s Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival.


Merging of two artists - Matty Witney (Mama Kin) & Simon Andrews (Daddy Loops) in bringing forth a repertoire of original art-soul songs written by Matty Witney. Currently demoing and performing in venues across Brisbane in preparation for the release of an album.

The sound being continually refined is a palette of electric guitar tones in support of narrative soulful song. Both artists are full time and studied musicians.

Matt and Simon will perform an intimate music set in the Bell Tower Gallery at Brisbane Emerging Art Festival


Ron Seeto is an independent Brisbane based contemporary performance maker and performer. Ron will present ‘Breach’ as part of Brisbane Emerging Art Festival 2013.

You are trained to kill. Passionately at times but also dispassionately. Aggression is now a switch to flicked. Conflict is the job you signed up for and now you are one of the very few individuals gifted with the legal responsibility of killing. You are an arbiter of death. You may fight and you may kill. Until your time is up that is and then you are back in society proper. You are no longer an arbiter but death does not leave you. How can it?

Breach is a hybridised (theatre+dance+stage combat) performance work investigating contemporary military training techniques and the field of killology - the study of the psychological and physiological effects of killing and combat on the human psyche. How does the military turn well adjusted violence-fearing civilians into soldiers ready to fight and possibly die or kill for their country? Inspired by the director’s (Ron Seeto) own personal experience in the Australian Infantry and verbatim accounts from soldiers around the world, Breach asks the age old question: Could you kill someone?

Breach is a first development showing and may contain disturbing imagery.

Image: Inter/nality (2011)


FEET TEETH are a digitally-mangled, electro-acoustic, free-jazz Brisbane-based trio featuring trumpet, drums, marimba, Commodore 64, and electronics. FEET TEETH use live processing and improvisation that draws on jazz, minimalism and noise traditions. Initially a two piece, their debut CD was released at the Judith Wright Centre as part of the Valley Jazz Festival in mid-2011 and has received airplay on ABC Radio National’s Sound Quality, 4ZzZ and FBi.

In 2012 FEET TEETH expanded into a trio and have since performed at the Brisbane Festival (2012), Crossbows Festival (2011) and toured the East Coast including playing at The NOW Now (Sydney). Their second full length, Aphthae Epizooticae, released on cassette tape on Canberra’s hellosQuare Recordings, will be launched in June alongside performances from Scanner (UK) and presented by Room40.

FEET TEETH will present a new work in Brisbane Emerging Art Festival



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Film Synopsis

Stephanie dreads moving to the country with her father, and even more when she meets her new neighbour, Jacob, who fights giants in the forest. Stephanie tries to stay out of Jacob’s childish games but she may well find out that Jacob’s imaginary giants may be more real than she realises.

Key Credits

Director : Janelle Rayner and Simon Toy
Writer : Lucas Miller
Producer : Matt Grehan
Cinematographer : Lucas Tomoana
Production Design : Rhianna Malezer
Editor and Sound : Simon Toy
Original Score : Peter Speirig
Starring : Jayden Caulfield, Grace Sinclair and Mungo McKay
Giant Make-Up FX : Steve Boyle

Jacob Fights Giants will screen in BEAF FILM : Head in the Clouds, short film session.


Christopher Handran’s practice explores perception and phenomenal experience, particularly as mediated by technologies such as photography, film and video. Using the most basic principles of these media, his work re-enacts the sense of wonder and experimentation that characterised early photography and film. Handran construct’s or modifies cameras, lenses, viewing devices or film and video equipment using d.i.y. techniques, junk store materials and op shop technology. The idiosyncratic imaging devices that result from these manipulations and misuses are used to document everyday phenomena and my immediate surroundings, and to create and frame the experience of viewers in the gallery.

Christopher will feature in the annual Brisbane Emerging Art Festival Visual Art Showcase



Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer and radio broadcaster.

Two-time winner of the Midsumma Poetry Out Loud slam and recent National Poetry Slam finalist, Eleanor has featured at the Overload Poetry, Queensland Poetry, Melbourne Writers, Brisbane Writers, Anywhere Theatre and Woodford Folk festivals.

Her audio poems have been published in Overland Journal, Going Down Swinging and the Cordite Poetry Review, while recordings of her work have been featured on RRR’s “Aural Text”, 3CR’s “Spoken Word”, ABC Radio National’s “Night Air” and the online poetry channel, “IndieFeed: Performance Poetry”. Her video poetry collaboration with Doubting Thomas “Just before you died” was the winner of the Queensland Poetry Festival Filmmakers Challenge in 2012 and has been featured on Wunce Magazine and Slam TV.

Eleanor is the Spoken Word curator for Brisbane Emerging Art Festival 2013


NUCLEAR FAMILY : But You Can’t Wish For A Thousand Wishes

Artists (first wave): Revy Hamilton, Ryan Fraser, Lynette Letic, Rosie Gardner, Mark Kleine, Jacinta Howard.

Nuclear Family have created a shrine that encompasses the aesthetic confusion and longing in the secular youth community who must reconcile themselves with the unsurmountable historical presence that religion has left to linger in everyday culture.

Just because we are not sure anyone is listening doesn’t mean we should lose the cathartic comfort of a prayer. Make your Pascal’s wager with a shrine that is guaranteed to reach at least one God.

Nuclear Family will be presenting an installation as part of Brisbane Emerging Art Festival.


Sancintya Simpson was born 1991 Brisbane, Australia, where she currently works and lives. She is a first generation Australian whose migrant parents are of South African-Indian and Anglo-New Zealand heritage. The impact of being brought up in a cross-cultural environment has had a major influence on Simpson’s artistic practice; leading her work to be based on personal experience within the themes of transnationalism, diaspora, hybridity, stereotyping and identity.

Image: From series Syncretism, mixed media on pigment print, 70 x 70cm (2011)

Sancintya will feature in the annual Brisbane Emerging Art Festival Visual Art Showcase.


Art of Fighting Trailer from Lume on Vimeo.

Produced by Silver Screen Pictures

Art of fighting will featuring in BEAF FILM : Head in the Clouds, short film session



Ahliya is a music and poetry performance artist performing under the names Li Li Kite or Ahliya Kite. She writes original music in the genres of ambient, folk, rock, electronic, trip hop, experimental, and soul. Ahliya Farebrother sings of life, love, chance, change, transition, and liberation bringing honesty and artistry to her music. Writing to a wide range of themes both the personal and the political, for joy and for justice, for honesty and spirit, her music is both unique creatively sophisticated in its charm. Ahliya performs regularly as a solo artist, and also fronting the Brisbane band, Li Li Kite with drummer Daniel Ogilvie who also plays with ‘Emma Louise’, and Shannon Green who also plays with Brisbane based band ‘Kingfisha’. Ahliya is currently working on five major collaborations, with Robert Davidson double bass player from internationally acclaimed band Topology, spoken work artist Doubting Thomas, experimental violinist Fern Thompsett, singer songwriter Zeeki, and electronic music artists Sifixion.

Li Li Kite will be performing an intimate music session in Brisbane Emerging Art Festival



Rachael Haynes is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Brisbane, Australia. Her art practice explores the limits of language and subjectivity, and re-examines art history and philosophy in relation to gender politics. In her drawing installations and performative video works, Haynes performs a playful mixing of language codes and systems – drawn from abstraction, conceptual art, pop music, modernist literature and philosophical traditions – and enacts a gendered ‘redrawing’ of these texts.

Rachael has exhibited her work in Australia and internationally, most recently with solo exhibitions – A BIG IDEA transmitted pathetically Bus Projects (Melbourne), Muscle-flex Kings ARI (Melbourne), and I build my dwelling Metro Arts (Brisbane); and in group exhibitions – SEXES Performance Space (Sydney), The feeling will pass FirstDraft (Sydney) and Going South Screen Space (Melbourne). She has been awarded the Melville Haysom Memorial Scholarship (Queensland Art Gallery) and the Eddie Hopkins Memorial Drawing Prize (Queensland College of Art). She undertook a Residency at The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, Newcastle in 2011 and presented Food For Thought, a key project in the 2012 Next Wave Festival, with Level.

Haynes completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Visual Arts at the Queensland University of Technology in 2009, with the support of an Australian Postgraduate Award and her research interests include gender politics, alternative exhibition spaces and feminist pedagogy within the visual arts. Rachael has been involved with Brisbane ARI’s since 2003 and is the Gallery Director of Boxcopy, an artist run organisation dedicated to supporting artists to experiment and present new works in a critical context. In 2010 Rachael formed LEVEL with Alice Lang and Courtney Coombs, a feminist collective and artist-run initiative focused on generating dialogue about gender and contemporary art practice.

Image: Untitled (Angry), ink on cardboard, 40 x 30cm, 2011.

Rachael will feature in the annual Brisbane Emerging Art Festival Visual Art Showcase.



Christy moved to Australia in September 2012 from New York State. Prior to her move overseas, Christy had been performing and producing work based in New York City, Philadelphia and throughout the Northeastern United States.

She has been a member of the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company, Inclined Dance Project and the founding director of the xt Danscollective.
She has also performed freelance work with Séan Curran Company, Opera Boston, BalletRox among others including a work in the Brisbane Festival 2012 (Capitol, physical theatre work by Tina Dobaj Eder and Gregor Kamnikar).

Title : A Way Out
Choreographer: Christy Williams
Dance Artists: Gabriel Comerford, Caitlin MacKenzie, Mariana Paraizo, Courtney Scheu and Michael Smith
Music: “Release” by Belltalk, “Opaque” by Hildur Gudnadottir, and “How They Suffer” by Swans
Video Director and Cinematographer: Daniel Jacob Rayner

Christy will present a newly worked dance quartet at Brisbane Emerging Art Festival with members of Makeshift Dance Collective.