DATE : Saturday 18th February, 6:00pm - 11:00pm

VENUE : Metro Arts

The Brisbane Emerging Art Festival 2012 introduced audiences to the most outstanding emerging practice from visual art, music, performance, fashion and film in Brisbane. On the 18th February 2012, the best from Brisbane’s artist-run initiatives, tertiary institutions and private studios were presented at Metro Arts.


Photos by Sarah Werkmeister

Opportunities for emerging artists to work within a commercial entity are limited; thus, they must find alternative ways to expose their practices to the public. This puts unique pressures on their practices and results in works that are unique to the circumstance. Their works are often interdisciplinary and collaborative, self-funded and presented in non-art spaces. Their ephemeral nature means that the public rarely is able to experience them. Brisbane Emerging Art Festival is an opportunity to access them in one space.

The Brisbane Emerging Art Festival was established in 2010 to celebrate the quality of work being produced by emerging artists. Now in its third year, the festival has grown from one focused upon the visual arts to one that celebrates all disciplines. A team of 15 emerging creative practitioners is engaged to coordinate the 2012 festival. This team is responsible for producing a representation of emerging practices and engaging the community locally and internationally.

Visual Art Program

Ten artists (including two collaborative duos) will exhibit in the Visual Art Gallery on Level 2 of Metro Arts. Amongst the artists is Archibald finalist and two-time Churchie National Emerging Art Prize finalist, Sam Cranstoun. Exhibiting alongside Cranstoun will be Julie-Ann Milinski, Clark Beaumont, Louise Tahiraj, Marcel Daniels and Daniel Herberg, Caitlin Halsall, Erin Dunne, Stephen Russell, Daniel McKewen, and Rachael Archibald.

The visual art program is coordinated by Tess Maunder and Laura Brown.

Performance Program

A collection of artists, performers, dancers and theatre actors will engage the festival audience in unexpected ways. Artist Liam O’Brien will take members of the audience on a journey through the streets of Brisbane to investigate a series of ephemeral, sculptural and performative interventions in the urban space. Other artists on the program include Leena Riethmuller, Kimie Mizuno and Makeshift Dance Theatre, with more to be announced soon.

The performance program is coordinated by Thomas Quirk and Lauren Howard.

Music Program

Experimental sound art that incorporates visual installations, light reacting instruments and electronic improvisations will take over the Basement Space on Level 1 of Metro Arts. The program includes Ross Manning and Joel Stern, two pioneers of the Brisbane underground sound art scene, alongside Reighna, Wtem and Outerwaves.

The music program is coordinated by Tian Zhang and Adam Rothwell.

Film Program

Within the Ground Level Studio of Metro Arts will be a curation of Brisbane-based filmmakers who reflect, or distinctly make reference to, Brisbane as a setting and a concept. The program will also host a Q&A session and screenings from the West End Film Festival and the 48 Hour Film Festival.

The film program is coordinated by Brendan Gore and Hannah Ariotti.

Fashion Program

The fashion program will introduce audiences to new and experimental practice within fashion, off the runway and away from static mannequins. The program, located in the Warehouse on Level 4 of Metro Arts, will showcase artists who work with fashion as a base to explore interdisciplinary practice, exhibiting fashion illustration, fashion installation, video projection and an artist talk from Martha Poggioli.

The fashion program is coordinated by Chelsea Whitbread and Cynthia Howard.

Spoken Word Program

The spoken word program is a daring inclusion that will bridge the divide between performance and literature. The program will include ekphrasis readings that will take place throughout the building. Through these readings, the spoken word poets will attempt to define and describe the essence and form of works of art within the visual art and the fashion programs, potentially illuminating the works for the audience. The spoken word program will feature artists performing in various spaces such as the elevator, stairwell, Ground Level Studio and even outside of the Metro Arts building.

The spoken word program is coordinated by Eleanor Jackson.


Brisbane Emerging Art Festival 2012 from Telling Life on Vimeo.


OUTERWAVES is one of the solo projects from Dom Stephens of Oh Ye Denver Birds/Nimble Animal. Combining his psychedelic pop stylings with a hip-hop beat aesthetic, OUTERWAVES has been compared to Baths, Gold Panda and Shlohmo. After releasing a 2-track EP (Cosmic Trigger) late 2011, OUTERWAVES has received extensive radio play throughout Australia, including FBi, 3RRR and Triple J.

OUTERWAVES features in the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival music program.

Liam O’Brien

Liam O’Brien is a Brisbane-based emerging artist, with a Bachelor of Photography with Honours degree at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. His work investigates the relationship between body and space through ephemeral sculptural and performative interventions in urban space.

Liam is part of the BEAF performance program in 2012

Artist CV
Artists Website

Rebecca Cunningham

ONE - a durational performance by Rebecca Cunningham and all of you. Featuring at BEAF 2012.

ONE is a performance that may take
ONE lifetime
ONE person sitting opposite
ONE person
there is ONE exchange
ONE sample of DNA is collected
if desired ONE sample of DNA is exchanged
this will happen ONE million times
until ONE million samples have been collected
once ONE million samples
from ONE million people have been collected, each DNA sample will be imaged and from ONE million DNA images
ONE will be made
a composite of all becoming ONE

This century, will we genetically modify food, pets, our children, ourselves? Information and sharing information is reaching immense speeds and saturation, but what happens to that grey area between public and private? When are our bodies our own, and when are we the property of the global social corpus? Living in times where we rarely put ourselves in situations where we need to trust each other, and in most cases given more reason to distrust, will you trust me with your most intimate material? Your DNA? ONE cannot exist without you.

ONE” is a durational performance by me and all of you. This work will be performed repeatedly over the coming years. To stay in touch with the project, please follow “ONE’s” progress at

Premiered September 8, 2011 presented by Brisbane Festival
Image credit: Gerwyn Davies

Rachel Monique Walker

As a creative practitioner I am firstly occupied with exploring the enormous energy lying dormant in everyday objects. My process is about immersion; going deeper, exploring tensions and then finding a natural ease through deconstruction. Thoughtful studies without any rules.

My portfolio includes a myriad of home projects, studies in Fashion Design, writing, interviewing and facilitating a collage stall at a local artisan market.

Visual Art Program 2012

2012 Visual Art Program - Triangulate

Triangulate presents an exhibition formulated around a synthesised approach to curating. The triangulation principle proposes that the ‘exhibition as situation’ functions with three components: the artworks, the organisation of these artworks, and the audience. Each component relies on the other, and without one component the exhibition situation cannot exist at all. Each component is in active dialogue with the other – thus leveling the importance of the artwork, curator, and audience. The triangulation approach is of particular relevance to the context of a festival, with its widely varying audience, and a survey of works chosen from an open call. A trio of common threads are to be found across the show: the notion of mapping, a sense of fantasy, and a concern for re-visiting. This exhibition will make up the visual art component of the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival 2012, curated by Tess Maunder and Laura Brown.


The exhibition will be held 18 February – 24 February 2012. The opening will be 6-10pm on Saturday 18 February, MetroArts is open Mon-Fri 10am- 4.30pm, Sat 10am-5pm. There will be a panel discussion for the show held on Wednesday 22 February at 6pm with the curators: Tess Maunder and Laura Brown, and two artists from the show: Daniel McKewen and Julie-Anne Milinski. The panel will be chaired by Anna Zammit (The Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane).

Exhibiting Artists

Rachael Archibald
Clark Beaumont
Sam Cranstoun
Marcel Daniels & Daniel Herberg
Erin Dunne
Caitlin Halsall
Daniel McKewen
Julie-Anne Milinski
Stephen Russell
Louise Tahiraj

The 2012 Visual Art program will take place on Level 2 in Metro Arts Galleries 1 & 2

A Fashion Exhibition

Fashion cannot be rationalized as a language either: the symbolic values placed on items of clothing are too arbitrary to be relied upon for clear consistent meaning like in language. When someone uses the six letter word “poison” I can be confident that they are referring to something that shouldn’t be consumed if one wants to remain healthy, but I cannot be nearly as confident in the significance of someone holding a briefcase: it may provide clues to their profession, lifestyle and tastes, but these are not clear messages, and if the woman holding the briefcase is donning a mow-hawk, tutu and Chanel tweed jacket, what is the meaning then? The context may provide us with more clues, and may alter our impressions, but doesn’t get us any closer to a reliable meaning. The briefcase alone may evoke an adjective like “seriousness” in the onlookers mind, but her outfit may suggest “anarchy”, but neither the briefcase or the complete ensemble say, “I have a serious agenda to tear down the government, and I love jazz” - symbolism in Fashion isn’t so specific. There is no established system in Fashion to organize its symbols like words in a sentence to create a message neither.

Written by Cynthia Howard co-curator of BEAF Fashion showcase.

Click To Read Full Article on the 2012 Fashion Exhibition

Clark Beaumont

Clark Beaumont is the Brisbane based collaborative duo Nicole Beaumont and Sarah Clark. Through both live and mediated performance works they investigate ideas and constructs around identity, female subjectivity, intimacy and interpersonal relationships. Clark Beaumont formed in 2010 at the Queensland University of Technology whilst completing their Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (Visual Arts). In 2011, Clark Beaumont was selected to exhibit in Inbetweenspaces’ Fresher ’11 Exhibition and in 2012 Clark Beaumont will exhibit a new body of performance and video work for SafARI, the ‘unofficial’ fringe event to the Biennale of Sydney.

Other Projects (Marcel Daniels and Daniel Herberg)

‘Other Projects’ is a collaborative venture between artists Marcel Daniels and Daniel Herberg. Their creative practice explores the complexities and indeterminacies of cross-cultural discourses. Through a post-medium approach to art-making, and by playing with the various codes and formulas of representation, they critically analyse these complicated societal interactions.

MakeShift Dance Collective

MakeShift is an independent, Brisbane-based collective of dancers and dance makers.

We like upside down rooms and empty spaces. We like the just-missed moments and the sound of snapping pencils. We like questions, and pulling threads, and denying the undoable. We think temporary is valid. We take our clothes off and put them on again. We rearrange the furniture. We turn the lights on and off and trick the audience and then hold their hands. We like having things to play with, and we hope you see something where we do.

(Photo by Julia-Rose Lewis)

Facebook Page

Ross Manning & Joel Stern

Ross Manning & Joel Stern are individual sound/noise makers in there own right. For the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival Joel and Ross come together with custom light sensitive electronic music based on squiggles, beeps, pings, pot plants, bangs, uproars, pops, animal splashes, teflon and zaps.


Joel Stern is an artist, curator and researcher primarily working with experimental music & sound. His interest is in manipulating and shaping ‘noise’ and other abstract materials into new forms that generate uncanny emotional and physiological resonances for the spectator. Joel’s work incorporates DIY electronics, homemade instruments, text cut-ups, field recordings and muliti-speaker experiments. In Adelaide he will be working with flashing LED lights and light-sensitive synthesizers. Joel’s key projects include Abject Leader (with filmmaker Sally Golding) a duo widely recognised as Australia’s premier exponents of contemporary expanded cinema, and Sky Needle (with Sarah Byrne, Alex Cuffe and Ross Manning) a primitive music ensemble using handmade and recycled instruments. Joel co-founded the collectives OtherFilm, Audiopollen and Disembraining Machine, projects that helped shape the perception of Brisbane as an epicentre of Australian avant-nonsense.

Artist Website


Ross Manning is a Brisbane based artist working with optics, sound and installation. Ross has a background in instrument building and sound sculpture, performing in noise duo Faber Castell (formed in 2002 with Alan Nguyen) and currently with the band Sky Needle ( touring with sonic art festivals such as What Is Music, Liquid Architecture and The Now now.

Artist Website

Triangulate Panel Discussion

22 February 2012 - Metro Arts, Brisbane (Australia)
A panel discussion held as a formal reflection upon the Triangulate exhibition.

Panel Chair - Anna Zammit
Curators - Tess Maunder & Laura Brown
Artists - Julie-Anne Milinski & Daniel McKewen

Leena Riethmuller

Leena (August - December 2011), 2011 - 2012, 5 grams of hair

” I cultivate my coexisting fascination and disgust for material produced by the body. My work shifts between performance and video and objects made exclusively from bodily material. I believe the material a body generates can be used and learned from. It is also a memento of the person and the time from which it grew.”
Leena Riethmuller.

Image : Dan McCabe

Betsy Turcot

Betsy Turcot hails originally from the United States and since relocating to Brisbane, she has contributed her words, her heart and her passion to the city’s vibrant spoken word scene. Her poetry collaborative, The Broken Records Collective appears bi-monthly to host “Words or Whatever,” Brisbane’s premier spoken word event and has spray-painted the stages of the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup, Queensland Poetry Festival and Woodford Folk Festival. Betsy has also performed her collaborative show A Mills and Boon Swoon as part of the Queensland Poetry Festival, Melbourne Overload Poetry Festival and Woodford Folk Festival.

Artist Website

Stephen Russell

Stephen Russell’s practice uses a variety of media including painting, furniture, sculpture, and text – combining, remaking, and reassembling these in order to explore the contingent and precarious nature of meaning. Translation between the digital and the handmade is often present in the work. There is also a sense throughout Stephen’s practice of mixing sincere investigation with absurdity and humour.

Artist Website

Rachael Archibald

X Series 3, 2012
Aluminium, foam core, ink, enamel
800mm, 500mm or variable

As a visual artist Rachael Archibald’s current practice involves process based drawing and repetitive actions as an approach to image making. This hand-made process is laborious and ultimately obsessive and the works resolve into a look of mechanical production, creating a redundancy and futility that questions the role and uniqueness of creator. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art.

Mark Neighbour for A-Flat

The commercial realities of the fashion world have perpetuated a culture of fast product development, where timeframes and budgets limit a designer’s ability to perfect their work. As a result fashion creations are often absent of a synergy between individual elements that make up the end product.

In response to this culture, Mark Neighbour and Marc C. Close have spent the last 12 months painstakingly developing one particular ballet flat style. With an apprecitation of the German word gestalt, which refers to a concept of wholeness, every component, from the breed of cattle used for the leather sole, to the tensile strength of the thread, has been considered.

By reappropriating two components into organic and sculptural products in their own right, the dresses bring to light the integral power two such components yield to the end product.

West End Film Festival

The West End Film Festival operates on two levels; the first is a national short film competition to showcase the efforts of Australian filmmakers, the second is an important social and artistic event held in Brisbane’s West End.

Located beside one of West End’s most popular bars, the Rumpus Cinema offers a unique and exciting film experience. Our gala event screens films in a large space behind the Rumpus Room bar on Boundary Street, right in the heart of Brisbane’s beloved West End.

West End Film Festival will present a brief presentation about their Festival and screen some of the 2011 winning films.


Darkwing Dubs

Darkwing Dubs has been performing his experimental mix of hip-hop and poetry for almost a decade, with a diverse artistic history involves theater shows, hip-hop crews, poetry collectives, bands, beat-making and DJing. Four-time state finalist in the Australian Poetry Slam, and twice competing in the national finals (coming runner up in 2010), and also finalist in the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup two years in a row. Founding member of Brisbane’s most dynamic poetry collective, Broken Records, for the past two years which has seen them on stages at the Queensland Poetry Festival and the recent Canberra slam summit.

He is also the convener of the Jam Jar Poetry, and co-host of Words or Whatever and was recently commissioned to do a series of poems in Armidale, NSW for Beyond Empathy’s Just Speak Up. Just Speak Up uses performance poetry and the spoken word art form to give the community a platform to express themselves – particularly around the rites of passage and risk taking behaviours that often go hand in hand with alcohol usage in young people.

Darkwing Dubs (Scott Sneddon) will feature in the spoken word program

Artist’s Website

Rhyll Tonge

Rhyll Tonge has words etched onto the inside of her lungs and she inhales to write and performs poetry to remember to exhale. During her gypsy days in the Americas Rhyll was inspired to start performing what she had always known as air, sharing and learning performance poetics at many open mikes along the road. Rhyll’s poetry is nature inspired exploring philosophy and social justice concepts, her words hold stories to ears and hopes they will find their way to lungs. She is known to collaborate with other poets and musicians to fill the room with layers of creativity and avoid individualistic tendencies. Rhyll has featured in Arcata California at Muddy Waters and in Vancouver at Nyala collaborating with two local musicians on slide guitar and drums. She taught poetry and mixed art classes at an orphanage in Mexico for three months before returning home and filling her airways in the Brisbane poetry scene.

Since returning Rhyll is a regular at open mike events, Words or Whatever and Jam Jar Slams and has featured at Words or Whatever, Turnstyle and Brisbane Aboriginal Rights Coalition events. She regularly collaborates with Jocelyn Farebrother performing at various gigs, markets and weddings on their adventures and she also works with Katy Hill on local publications and open mike poetry performances. Influences include many unnamable strangers, Ani Difranco, Lou Rhodes, Andrea Gibson, Lauren Hill, Lamb, Tim Winton, Maya Angelou, breathing in the eucalyptus bush.

Jarrod Van Der Ryken

One of the most foundational elements to Jarrod’s folio of work is the continued notion of communicating a symbolic representation of unconscious thought at a conscious level. Between all individuals there are deeply suppressed commonalities that remain unrecognised through an inability to comprehend, and further communicate because of a universal limitation by language as a means of expression. This has been experienced in his work both directly through the body and less directly through incomprehensible language or distorted image of the physical. By numerously layered type on type on paper, a distortion of barely legible typography becomes a visual representation of that which is not physical - language, communication, thought. This is a representation of emotional experience rather than physical reality. In other works, physicality - bodily product, plant and animal matter - is used in ways that illogically repulse, demanding a re-evaluation of the mentalities of it’s reactions.

Keys To Your Heart

Keys To Your Heart from Lauren Orrell on Vimeo.

Clip from the Short Film “Keys to Your Heart” 2010
Dir by Sarah-Mace Dennis and Richard C. Bell
Produced by Matt Grehan
DP Richard C. Bell

Starring Lauren Orrell, Guy Brunel and Matt Grehan
Narrated by Megan Williams

Mildred, a grungy, slick twenty something is caught inside a coma of stale love when she notices Jimmy playing his harmonica on the verandah across the street. He is so gorgeous and uncommitted that it makes her hysterical, and she gets electric bad. Rock and roll meets disco meets grunge, this is a film about a generation who can’t settle inside a world beset by fakery. Where mystic, romance and living your life like there is no tomorrow are all more important than the stability of a nine to five lie.

Featuring in Brisbane Emerging Art Festival Film Program

Sam Cranstoun

Teppichfresser!”: Schicklgruber, Carpet-Chewer, 2012
Pencil on paper, hand-stitched fabric, vinyl lettering

Artist Website

Daniel McKewen

Daniel McKewen’s artwork explores the intersection between the roles of the artist and the fan, as they engage with and consume popular culture. Working primarily in the medium of digital video, his appropriations and reconfigurations of elements from film and television media explore how our interactions with popular culture can allow us to ‘make sense’ of our own social experience. Daniel has exhibited in shows nationally and internationally, and his work is held in private collections. He completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts with Honours in 2006, and is currently working towards a PhD also at Queensland University of Technology.

Daniel is a founding member and co-director of Boxcopy, a Brisbane-based, artist-run-initiative, which works to provide exhibition opportunities and support for emerging artists, writers and curators.

Artist Website

Festival Team

Festival Managers

Louise O’Neil + Nicole Cocis

Louise O’Neil is an Art History Honours graduate from the University of Queensland and is a Brisbane-based freelance arts writer and curator. In 2010, Louise managed the Bula’bula Aboriginal Art Centre in the remote community of Ramingining, Northern Territory, and was invited to present lectures on the Ramingining community and its Indigenous art on the Orion Art of Arnhemland Cruise. In 2010, Louise returned to Brisbane to curate the Women’s Legal Service ‘From the HeART’ fundraising exhibition and is currently curating an exhibition to represent refugee and immigrant artists from the Logan community in conjunction with ACCES Inc., whilst completing a Master of Museum Studies at the University of Queensland.

Nicole Cosis is currently in her second year of a diploma majoring in visual art at the Southbank Institute of Technology. She wishes to continue developing her knowledge and skills within the visual arts, working towards a career in the creative industries. She will be assisting Louise in the management of the 2012 festival.

Visual Art Curators

Tess Maunder + Laura Brown

Tess Maunder is an emerging creative practitioner based in Brisbane. Her poly-disciplinary practice converges curatorship, writing and making within contemporary visual arts practice. In November Tess is travelling to New York to partake in professional development opportunities including working at Murray Guy commercial gallery in Chelsea. She hopes to gain an insight into the potential for creative engagement through social research, and participatory collaborative experiences. Tess is interested when processes of creative production overlap, and particularly when critical concepts of hybridism in art ‘making’ occur through collaboration.

Laura Brown is an emerging independent curator, arts’ writer, and artist. Her various areas of practice often intercept in both approach and subject matter. Currently, her practice is focused on fleshing out the broader approaches and concerns that are faced in the processes of working with and within art. She is interested in drawing parallels between different areas of practice and inspecting the analogous dialogues that run through our prevalent creative climate. w -

Music Curators

Tian Zhang + Adam Rothwell

Tian Zhang is an avid supporter of emerging art and artists, and believes strongly in multi-arts events and the utilisation of non-traditional spaces. As an event producer, she has done everything from working on large outdoor festivals, to curating boutique multi-arts events, to organising a gig on a tennis court. Recently, Tian has established Small Lakes, a not-for-profit organisation that assists artists in putting on their own events. Tian also manages experimental and electronic artists and writes music reviews for a number of print and online publications.

Adam Rothwell has been the host of a number of shows on 4ZzZ fm, where he had the honour of interviewing heavyweights Julian Morrow (The Chaser), Royal Crown Revue and Queens of the Stone Age. He has recently completed a diploma in events management and continues to manage and perform in the band Sirinival.

Fashion Curators

Chelsea Whitbread + Cynthia Howard

Chelsea Whitbread has been involved in Brisbane’s emerging creative community for a number of years, engaging cross-disciplinary collaboration and promoting grass roots talent. Since beginning her degree in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion in 2009, Chelsea has worked with many local creative professionals in projects and collaborations to promote fashion as an artistic practice. Chelsea has been involved in national fashion festivals, international fashion conferences and shows in pursuit of her industry engagement. In 2011 Chelsea will be working towards her graduate portfolio for fashion, which will include, aside from a 12 piece collection to debut in November, directing and curating the fashion aspect of Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival for February 2012.

Cynthia Howard is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary creative based in Queensland. After completing her Bachelors in Visual Arts she worked in the design (interior design / visual merchandising), and fashion industries. She is currently represented by Division Models, and freelances as an artist.

Performance Curators

Thomas Quirk + Lauren Howard

Thomas Quirk is a director of contemporary performance and inter-arts forms. Thomas embraces risk-taking, experimentation and shadow-play as essential ingredients to his creative process. Over the past three years Thomas has created and directed a number of his own works and has led contemporary performance workshops at various events and festivals, including Vena Cava Production’ 2010 Fusion Festival and the 2010 Drama Queensland Conference.

Lauren Howard is an emerging performance practitioner and arts administrator based in Brisbane. She has completed a Bachelor of Creative Industries: Drama/Marketing and is currently studying a Masters of Creative Industries: Creative Production and Arts Management at the Queensland University of Technology. Lauren has performed in, and collaborated on performances for SHORT + SWEET Brisbane, FAST Festival and Radio Lollipop (for the Mater Childrens Hospital). Currently, she is a singing, dancing and drama tutor at Fame Theatre Company in Brisbane.

Film Curators

Brendan Gore + Hannah Arritoti

Brendan Gore has been writing screenplays for ten years. He has written 20 feature length film scripts, been a finalist in numerous screenwriting competitions overseas, optioned a feature script in spain, and has worked personally with the most sought after script consultants in the world. His last three scripts were developed with Hollywood producer Tracey Becker (Finding Neverland & Hysteria). Brendan was educated at Writers Bootcamp.

Hannah Ariotti is a director and filmmaker currently based in Brisbane. She runs a company producing corporate, fashion, web and music videos, while continuing to develop her own concepts and stories into films. She has a passion for developing and engaging with a communal, inclusive collaboration within the local film industry. Her goal for the future is to facilitate the national and global advancement of the Australian film industry by sharing and developing exceptional projects in alliance with her professional peers.

Spoken Word Curator

Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is an emerging spoken word poet, performer and events producer and is a two-time winner of the Midsumma Poetry Out Loud slam. Eleanor has performed in, created and curated works and events for the Overload Poetry, Queensland Poetry, Woodford Folk, Melbourne Writers and Brisbane Writers festivals and was the producer of the Melbourne Poetry Map, a collection of over 30 site-specific works supported by the City of Melbourne.

Marketing Coodinators

Jessica Whiting + Kirstie Sequitin

Jessica Whiting is an independent arts marketer and publicist. A graduate of the University of Queensland, Jess has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Business Communication. Driven to expose the creative energy and ambition within her city, Jess dedicates herself to contracts with not-for-profit arts organisations, commercial galleries, festivals and artist-run initiatives. w

Kirstie Sequitin is a freelance writer living in Paddington, Brisbane. Since completing her Bachelor of Communication in 2010, she has been published in a variety of publications including FourThousand, Rave Magazine and The Courier-Mail. She currently writes for Scene Magazine and edits content for Concrete Playground.

Festival Writer

Olivia Porgand

Olivia Porgand is a curator and emerging visual artist based in Brisbane. Olivia works as part of the team at the QUT Creative Industries Precinct to facilitate the exhibition programming at The Block, and also the extensive public programs that engage with creative communities and local schools. She has also worked on a number of independent curatorial projects and has her own visual arts practice focusing on notions of archiving and collecting through a digital media lens. Olivia graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) with Distinction from QUT.

Festival Documentarist

Noelia Ramon

Noelia Ramon is a journalist filmmaker - editor, based in Brisbane. She has worked in national and local Tv News in Spain, and has for over 10 years managed different communication projects and documentaries with her own company in Spain ( Noelia is an online communication and marketing campaigns specialist. Her latest work was documenting Backbone Youth Arts - 2High Festival as a videographer and editor for the Brisbane Powerhouse. Contemporary dance and the audiovisual world are her passions. She interested in communicating stories and hopes to offer audiences a chance to view the world through her eyes.

Festival Director

Travis Dewan

Travis Dewan is an arts worker and artist born and raised in Brisbane. Travis is the Founding Director of Brisbane Emerging Art Festival and the independent arts platform Vegas Spray. Travis’ work focuses on shaping new ways for Brisbane’s arts culture to be accessed, viewed and shared. He has managed and directed Brisbane Emerging Art Festival since 2009.