My art practice is driven by a curiosity into the oppositions and tensions I observe in the built environment. It seeks to question the role structures play in the human pursuit of order, and the manner in which they may succeed or fail in achieving this ambition. My work investigates structures and objects from the contemporary environment that are indicative of this role, such as those typical of standardisation or systematisation. Of particular concern are the persistent tendencies, often associated with modernism, for seriality and reductive or elementary geometry in these structures. Through my practice I aim to re-examine the nature of such structures, and explore complex alternatives.

My work involves the construction of scenarios or assemblages from a range of appropriated objects in order to investigate the relationships between their form, function and the processes that impact on them. Through playful experimentation with both generative and degenerative processes in particular, my work highlights the propensity for complexity and disorder to emerge from reductive structures. This approach similarly enables an exploration of the potential for metaphysical significance to emerge from the everyday objects I utilise. The tensions and interactions between the simple and complex, and the ordered and disordered evident in my work ultimately provide an opportunity for considering the pursuit of order in the built environment via visual simplicity, and role of structure in this pursuit.


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