Controlled chaos … In life, I am fascinated by how on one level chaos reigns, but when you look closely enough at something, each element is completely controlled, planned and perfectly imperfect. You can visually skim over the surface of an object and just see it as raw, broken and distorted, or you can engage and look deeper to experience the simpleness and naturalness of it. The creation of my work is an exploration of my perfectionism and its results … how each individual cell and component of my sculptures are painstakingly self-made, yet the only evidence of my intense touch and focussed creation is the end piece that organically breaks down over time.

In life, we see outcomes – we don’t see journeys or the slow hand of decay. We see the product and not the sweat. Originally, I had two artistic passions, aged timber wall sculptures and hand-cut, inkjet printed film images and projections. In this piece, I have come down off the wall and merged my two loves into one kinetic freestanding aesthetic experience. I have blended new media with old technology, reconstructing what was once old and useless into something beautiful in its brokenness.


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