I am interested in exploring the condition of spirituality in contemporary art. By integrating spiritual ideas into performances, videos, objects and photographs, and by adopting the role of artist as shaman, my practice concerns itself with reinstating a sense of reenchantment in art. I do this by exploring notions such as the uncanny, the fetishisation of objects, performance and ritual, the otherworldly and imaginary spaces. Such concepts are often associated with the visual and symbolic language of spirituality. Humour in the form of parody is sometimes utilised as a tactic to penetrate the profound. My work also attempts to elaborate on the role of the artist as shaman, or as an intermediary between quotidian, material existence and the spiritual. By activating handmade artefacts through ritual-like performance I reveal the latent performative potential inherent in such objects. Performances documented through photography and video are juxtaposed alongside the original activated artefacts in order to expose the process of transformation that occurs through the engagement between body, object and space.


Website - www.michelleknowles.com

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