DATE : Saturday 23rd January, 6:00pm - 11:00pm

VENUE : White Canvas Gallery

The 2010 Brisbane Emerging Art Festival was an independent arts showcase of local emerging artists currently practicing in Brisbane. The festival highlighted leading artists from across visual art, music and performance.

The exhibition titled ‘b.e.a.f’ showcased artists within both an entertaining and critical discourse, with a purpose of creating a forum for the public to view, celebrate and criticise new modes of art practice.

Artists :

Jasmin Coleman
Haruka Sawa
Warren Handley
Joshua Rufford
Benjamin Reeve
Zoe Porter
Carly Kotynski
Rachel Bartram
Clarissa Bones
Tammy Law
Reilly Smethurst
Andrew Cain
Nathan Mouritz
Anna McMahon
Marty O’Hare
Peter Wilson
Ellen Stapleton
Fiona Kennedy - Altoft
Michelle Van Eps
Drea Merkin
Amanda Heelan
Elise Terranova
Laura Bailey
Lucinda Wolber
Walrii (Dank Morass)
Nicola Morton

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