Benjamin Reeve

His creative work can be found on an impressive list of projects and have featured in many Australian and international productions from large scale graffiti murals to big budget films. The development of Brisbane city’s traffic signal boxes, a concept he conceived and fought at government level to see realized has become a quintessential part of the Brisbane landscape and the idea has as a result been adopted internationally.

At the start of 2005, Benjamin Reeve ceased working on films in favor of further developing his personal paintings for gallery shows. He travelled to Tokyo where he lived and exhibited for approximately 4 years. Ben’s exposure to such a multi-layered culture refined his focus somewhat by expanding his artistic development process. This resulted in a desire to further his process by returning home to study. Ben wanted to develop techniques employed in creative advertising as a tool for his own creative focus and exploration. Following this path of creative development, and due in part to his completion of his Master of Creative Advertising degree, his work has taken on a new conceptual ground.


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